1. What is Walking on Water with 
Basically, they are plastic transparent balls, about 6 feet in diameter 
and are made out of TPU  (Thermoplastic polyurethane).
TPU is a material which conforms to US and international standards.
It's safe, environmentally-friendly and very durable.  

2. Are ZoomBalls safe?
Yes! ZoomBall's are perfectly safe. In fact, statistics show that it is safer to be inside a ZoomBall compared to a roller coaster ride. In all seriousness though, when operated correctly and in a safe controlled environment with trained personell, the ZoomBall experience is perfectly safe and enjoyable.

3. Can the ZoomBall get punctured?
There is a rare possibility that the ZoomBall can get punctured due to poor operation (Customers enter ball with keys or sharp objects). Punctures don't allow for fast deflation nor allow much water to enter ball. The specialist will immediately pull the ZoomBall out of the pool and replace the ball with another one.

4. How long can someone safely stay inside a ZoomBall?
Participants will enjoy walking on water no more than 10 minutes. Most children & teens are physically exhausted after 5 minutes of play. (There is about 1 hour of oxygen inside a fully inflated ZoomBall).

5. How do you inflate the ZoomBalls?
With a special electric blower.

6. What age groups can enjoy the ZoomBall?
ZoomBalls are a blast for almost all ages! (5 years of age and up). Children under 5 should be guided through the experience with the utmost care as they may become frightened. We want to ensure that the little ones have a positive experience. 

7. Can you walk on water the very first time you try?
The amazing thing about ZoomBall is the learning curve. Although it may seem easy while watching a skilled water walker, it is much harder than it looks. After only 3 or 4 tries, most people are able to take a few steps without falling. This keeps you wanting to return again & again.

*It is recommended a 5 minute time limit be implemented as to allow access for everyone waiting for an opportunity to enjoy the experience of walking on water. Even adults over the ages of 50 enjoy walking on water. Of course it is strongly recommended that all health conditions be acknowledged before participating. (ZoomBall is not recommended for people with breathing problems, panic attacks, claustrophobia, or heart conditions)


You are completely free to do whatever you want while inside a ZoomBall. Jump, tumble, roll, fall, sit, observe or spin. The exercise alone is well worth the experience.

*ZoomBall brings the action to your backyard, pool, park, or event. (We come to you!)

We hope you will love walking on water inside the ZoomBall as much as we do!  

Download our Safety Instructions  -----> HERE​